Thursday, 27 June 2013

Some more sewing

 Where is our  summer? It has been raining again this afternoon so we (Skipper and I) did a bit of sewing. As you can see she is a very helpful little girl. :) The dress is for the Dress a Girl around the world project (you can find more information at Sew Scrumptious). Bought this beautiful fabric for this project in a little shop in Cambridge. Need to get some more fabric to make a couple more dresses.

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for taking the time to visit.
The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
Psalm 27:1


  1. aawww bless Skipper - she looks zonked out lol hard work sewing, ay.
    The dress is lovely, some little girl is going to adore wearing it.

  2. A very pretty dress. The fabric is gorgeous.
    Lorraine x

  3. Gorgeous dress Anesha, I love the flower and the fabric is really pretty.

    Skipper looks very happy and content after all that sewing!

    Rose x

  4. Wee Skipper bless her she's worn out with all the sewing!!! I love your dress...Beautiful fabric... Hugs May x x x

  5. You do some beautiful work to help other people Anesha. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  6. skipper is such a GOOD helper!!!!

    what a fabulous dress! the material is stunning. whoever gets this will love it for sure! you have so many wonderful talents. i cannot sew... well not with a machine anyway. i ENVY anyone who can. this is stunning!

    have a great weekend.. and hugs to skipper from neenah.

  7. Such beautiful work Anesha.

    How about Banjo and I will share our sunshine with you and Skipper this weekend? We will blow some your way. ;)

    Have a good one!
    xo Catherine

  8. A very pretty dress and a great cause xx

  9. Lovely dress, Anesha, some little girl will be so happy to wear it! Your little helper is so cute, too, she seems to be working as hard as cats always do ;)


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