Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kitties need your help!

These beautiful little kitties need your help. Please read their story on The God's Little People's blog. They need a loving home.


  1. Hi there, I couldn't resist and went for a look, oh my I wish I could take them. I hope a good home is found soon, it seems that someone would be lucky to adopt them. Take care, Shirleyx ps.. pats to Skipper xx

  2. Thank you for your post. They are such adorable babies and I hope they will find their forever home very soon.

  3. Lovely photos of these beautiful felines.
    Sending purrs and prayers for a good home for them!

  4. Oh these are beautiful hope they are found a good homelove cheryl xx

  5. What gorgeous cats! I grew up with orange cats and had at least 2 most of my childhood.

  6. I just noticed their cute little pink tongues! Precious.

  7. helllo Anesha
    what a sweeties are they and i hope that they will find a good home with nice caring people.
    have a nice weekend and hugs to you.
    ps, i red the story

  8. Hi Anesha I do hope they find a home soon they are so sweet.

    Thank you for the comments on my journal page I could not have done this without your help on what supplies to buy, worked out fantastic, thank you.
    Hugs Linda

  9. Wow, Anesha, they are in Greece. I had to check because my daughter is a veritable animal lover. They have 5 dogs and 4 cats. The dogs are all house dogs. I am allergic and take meds so I can visit. LOLOL My 2 grandchildren love them all. Her husband gets a little cranky when she adds to the groups. LOLOL


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