Friday, 12 June 2015

Painted jute bag

Bought this plain jute bag from Hobby craft and yesterday I painted it with this flower and butterfly. I used plaid fabric paints. It is a gift for a friend. Love painting bags as gifts as it's a practical gift and something that no one else will have. 
Hope you have a great weekend.


Stef H said...

this is just gorgeous.
hope all is well and you are enjoying the season.

neenah is missing sydney terribly. she doesn't understand at all why sheryl comes over and not sydney. but sydney is now with a new family who have a gynormous house and yard. but poor neenah.

Tamago said...

Oh your friend is gonna love this! I agree, it's a practical gift, and with your pretty painting, it's one & only bag!

Paula Whittaker said...

lovely painted bag - wish I could be brave and paint directly on a bag but be worried I'd make a right mess of it.

Andrea, said...

Another great bag and a pretty image which you have painted on it. Im sure your friend will love it