Friday, 29 January 2016

Intruders in my garden!

Hello kitties and human, finally got some blog time. I have had a very hard week. There have been several intruders in my garden which I did not like at all. 
Firstly I had Tom the ginger cat sitting on my neighbours shed and looking at me. I had to go up and tell him he was not welcome here. This was the first time I had to jump on this for ages but I managed. Not bad for a kitty cat who will be 16 years old in thee months. 

Those pesky birds have been coming into my garden on a daily basis. Today I had to put up with three of them all at once! 

Hope you have a very quiet and safe weekend. 



  1. Hope you also have a nice weekend. Hate pesky birds.... Hugs, LJ

  2. Oh Skipper that tail of yours says it all. I bet Tom high tailed his own!

  3. Hi Skipper, it's great to see you here, the other cat looks like your twin! You are lucky you can climb fences, I'm going to be 12 (we think) I can't due to an old leg injury. I'm contained in our small backyard with no escape as my Dad installed chicken wire at the bottom of the fence. But I'm happy to get outside when the weather is nice. Purrrssss from Archie xx

  4. Oh Skipper, sounds like you've been busy dealing with all those intruders! Good for you jumping up on the shed. You may be almost 16, but you sure are in very good shape :-)

  5. Sounds like he's been having fun. He is doing very well for his age x

  6. It's a good thing you are such a good guardian kitty, Skipper.
    The cheek of some of those intruders!

  7. Oh Skipper you are just so handsome and quite within your rights to defend your turf xx

  8. skipper.....may bee tom just wants ta ask ewe ona date for ♥♥♥♥ hearts day oh love....!!!


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