Monday, 18 January 2016

My two cents

I have lived in this country for over 20 years and moved here legally. I don't live off the state and love the culture and values of this country. I feel compelled to speak out against this massive wave of illegal migration that is about to happen. It is so disappointing that all the mainstream media is just silencing any reports of criminal activity by these migrants (they are not refugees, they are mostly young strong men). If you want to read some of these reports  I suggest  go to this site BREITBART.
I am afraid of the changes to the wonderful free country we live in, these vast numbers of people will make. I am not a racist and this had nothing to do with race but CULTURE. These men come from a culture where women have no value and no rights, why would we want that here? Women in this country have fought hard for the rights we enjoy, why are some women trying actively to let in people whose aim will be to take it away? The silent majority in this country need to let our voices heard.

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