Friday, 15 July 2016

News about Skipper

Hello everyone, wanted to update you on Skipper. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails, we really appreciate it.

What a week, Skipper came home on Monday evening and we were at the emergency vet at midnight and the hospital (QVSH in Cambridge) the next day. We were having to feed her via her tube as she was not eating but I am happy to say she has started to eat today. We had to go back to the hospital today as her feeding tube was becoming infected (red patch on her tummy). We decided it would be best to remove it. Her surgical wound has healed well and we are hoping the little hole where the feeding tube was will heal in a couple of days. 

She is much brighter today and we think that the worst might be over. She has a slight case of pancreatitis and possibly too much copper in her liver but they are both treatable by diet. She almost died from a very large hairball in her stomach which is very scary. We are grateful for the happy accidents which led to them finding the hairball while inserting the feeding tube. 
In the photo above we had just got back from the hospital and she was still recovering from the sedation. :)

Thank God for happy accidents and for healing prayers and thoughts. 

Thank you from Skipper.


Paper Creations by Shirley said...

I'm so happy for you that Skipper pulled through and that they found the large fur ball. Archie throws them up for us and we keep him brushed with a 'Furminator', it's amazing. Your orange beauty will heal and grow her beautiful fur back. Gorgeous photograph. Sending purrsss and hugs, Shirley & Archie xx


Skipper we are so glad this rough patch is behind you and you feel better and we are hoping for a marvelous recovery. Big purrs

Dotty Jo x said...

Good to know things have improved for her! Jo x

Tamago said...

It's been a lot that Skipper and you have gone through...but I'm so glad after all, things are heading towards better. Glad she started eating and I hope she will heal quickly!

Lady Jane said...

Wow, a large hair ball??? Badger hacks his up and I brush him almost every day but sometimes he has a rough time coughing them up. I didn't know that could happen. What is a Furminator??? that Shirley writes about, I will have to check that out... Glad Skipper is on the mend... Hugs, LJ

Petra Raams said...

something small can cause a major reaction... . lucky that it all goes a bit better now, greetings, Petra

Pretinha said...

Esse realmente foi um acidente feliz, eu também acredito que o pior já passou.
Skipper é uma menina muito forte em breve vai estar correndo atras dos camundongos. hihi

Andrea, said...

Poor Skipper I hope she is continuing to improve x

da tabbies o trout towne said...

skipper...hay ewe gorgeouz....we iz sorree ya had two go two emergencee but we R
veree happee yur doin lotz better.....pleez keep on eatin like ya uz
that we iz bout ta say thiz, even if ya hafta eat.......burd...... ☺☺ sum timez stuff haza
way oh werkin out N we iz glad stuff leeded two yur hairball N itz now gone ~~~~~~~
as all wayz, mor & continmwed blessings frum St Francis two ewe...heerz hopin ya stay
on de roadz health & ree coveree ♥♥♥♥♥