Monday, 4 July 2016


Please could you say a little prayer for my beautiful Skipper. She is at the Queen's Veterinary School Hospital as she was taken ill again this weekend. They are running more test but she has not eaten for several days. She look so poorly at the moment. Any little prayer or healing thoughts for her would be most appreciated. 
Will let you know how she is doing as we get more news. 
Thank you.
Skipper has improved a bit and is having a small operation tomorrow. Thank you for the prayers and purrs.


  1. Thinking of you and Skipper, a cat is such an important part of your life

  2. Estamos enviando muitos, muitos ronronas para Skipper.
    Vamos aguardar notícias.

  3. Sending healing thoughts for your beautiful Skipper, take good care. Hugs, Shirley xxx

  4. Sending prayers your way. It is so hard to watch them when they are sick. My heart goes out to you. Hugs, LJ

  5. aah... sad to read this. Poor Skipper and poor Anesha, you must be very worried again. I'm thinking about you and Skipper and hope the veterans take good care of her, greetings, Petra

  6. oeps. I wrote veterans, but the right word is: veterinarians.... hmmm , long time ago I learned English at school ;) Petra

  7. Oh sweet Skipper. I'm so sorry she is not well again.. It really hurts to see our fur babies go through hard time.
    Sending prayers and healing thoughts to her. I hope she gets better soon. Hugs xo

  8. Sending many many purrs for beautiful Skipper

  9. skipper....we R troo lee sorree N ewe bet we will...we got requests
    in with R pal St Francistwo watch over ewe; & we hope ewe start
    feelin 100000 purrcent yet two day

    did ya eat a bad mouze ya think....ya gotta start eatin sum thin
    ...even if...N we canna bee leeve we iz bout ta say thiz.....
    even if ya hafta eat BURD...ya hafta eat...oh kay ♥♥♥

  10. skipper...984 paws crossed yur sir jerry goes smooth lee & yur
    on de road ta ree coveree in quik time ♥♥♥


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