Wednesday, 14 September 2016

More tiles and Skipper

These Pebeo paints are such fun to play with. Got a few more unqlazed tiles and this is what I did with them. 

This was Skipper on Sunday on the hunt. She did cat a furry and thankfully she did not eat it. She is doing well.

Have a great day.


  1. for some reason i'm getting bloglovin once a week so i'm missing your fabulous posts. but everything you do is stunning. love the bag you made.

    hope skipper is good. neenah says woof!

    hugs :)

  2. Lovely inky fun Anesha. And it's so good to see Skipper is looking her old self again.

    B x

  3. waves two ewe skipper.....ewe iz lookin gorgeouz az all wayz
    glad ta heer ya catched a mouz, N we iz kinda happee two ya dinna
    make a snax outta him.....him mite be a bad one N make ya sick
    again...ya noe.....N joy yur day N yur total lee awesum view ♥♥♥

  4. Skipper you look fabulous! What a gorgeous day you had to be outside in!!

  5. É muito bom ver Skipper se divertindo ao ar livre.
    Cafunés menina bonita!

  6. Your creation is beautiful. I'm so happy to see Skipper out in the yard. Glad she is doing well :-)

  7. Such pretty tiles. Your new kind of paint sounds like it's fun to use. Good for Skipper, feeling almost normal, I suspect.

  8. Beautiful tiles. We can see how those would be fun to create. Yippee Skipper!

  9. Wow what a view, it looks so peaceful. Skipper is looking beautiful and your tiles are gorgeous with lots of colour and texture. Archie say meow, he is doing well. Take care, Shirleyxx

  10. Love the tiles Anesha, the effects you get are fabulous. Glad Skipper is doing well, you are so lucky to have the fields behind your house, perfect cat hunting ground x

  11. What beautiful paintings !!!! I really enjoyed the colors !!!
    And I liked very much to know that Skipper is well !!!!! And she's very beautiful in the picture !!!!
    Have a great day !!!!
    A meow of Frida


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