Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Very cold morning

It's been a white morning here. Took this in the garden before going out for a nice walk in the sunshine. Love walking around the fields on a nice cold sunny day like today. 
Hope you all stay nice and warm.

Just like Skipper was doing before I woke her up.  lol She is doing much better now. 

Keep warm.


  1. It's cold in Holland too! But also with a little watery sun, that makes everything beautiful. Flowers in summer are very pretty, but this time of the year with some glazed frost, that's also beautiful to look at don't you think? I mist a few posts from you, due to some personal problems. Everything is going better now and I have more time to spend at the internet. Hopefully everything with you going better too? How great the creations you made with the Tied up with string set. greetings, Petra

  2. what a gorgeous picture. must really be beautiful up close!
    chilly here but sunny.

    wishing you all a very happy and very blessed holiday season

    big WOOF from neenah!

  3. Wow your photograph is stunning! I also like to walk in the cool crisp air with sunshine, it's wonderful. A beautiful frosty garden in the morning light is bonus. Skipper looks so sweet :) I'm glad she is better. Take care xx Archie sends purrrrrsss xxx

  4. Absolutely beautiful Anesha, isn't Nature so amazing ! And Skipper looks very cosy.

    B x

  5. A great picture of the frozen rose Anesha. As Petra told, it was also very cold here the last days. I only didn't have time to walk around in the garden to make pictures.
    Keep warm !

  6. skipper...hay ewe gorgeouz...wjile yur mumz foto iz awesum; we like yur eye dea WAAAAAAAAY better :) glad yur doin good; heerz hopin ewe stay that way fora bazillion yeerz ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥☺☺☺

  7. Oh brrr, Miss Flower may be very unhappy about the white stuff on her. But that is such a beautiful picture!
    Skipper is looking adorable. I hope you are both doing well. xoxo

  8. Beautiful rose covered in frost!
    Lovely Skipper. (hugs)

  9. Eu amo frio, é claro que aqui nunca neva, mas o nosso frio é bem rigoroso às vezes.
    É bom ver a Skipper, espero que ela tenha voltado ao cochilo. hihi

  10. What a beautiful picture of the rose !!!! It must be very cold there !!!!!
    It is good to see that Skipper is well and very warm !!!!!
    We want to thank you for your beautiful comments !!!!! We were very happy to read them during the year !!!!
    Have a great Sunday !!!!!
    A meow of Frida, Bilbo and Sofia

  11. Beautiful photo. I'm so pleased to hear Skipper is doing well x


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