Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Skipper and a cat card

Hope you are having a great morning. As you can see Skipper is enjoying the lovely sunshine today. It's a bit cold but she does not seem to mind too much. 
The birthday card I made with one of my newest stamps I bought over Christmas but only just getting around to using it. The background was done using Brusho Cystals and some colouring was done with pencils. 
Have a great day. 
Skipper sends purrs.


  1. Is that Skipper's birthday card ?
    So nice and well done.
    Lovely background and fabulous stamp.
    I love it and as I can see Skipper too.


  2. So nice to Skipper looking content in the sun, Clyde one of ours was basking under a hedge earlier and no way was he leaving that sun it to come inside. Super card today Anesha.

    B x

  3. Skipper is looking very pretty and comfy in the sunshine :-) It's a beautiful birthday card! Skipper did great job presenting it!

  4. O cartão ficou bonito, gostei das cores vivas.
    É muito bom ver Skipper.
    Cafunés para você, menina bonita!

  5. therz R gorgeouz gal pal !!!!!!! N joy sum shine oh de sun for uz pleez N we hope yur doin sooooper grate well awesum......mumz card iz awesum two !! ☺☺♥♥

  6. How Skipper looks beautiful !!!!! She is a great model next to the card !!!!
    The picture was very beautiful !!!!
    A meow of Bilbo

  7. What a great cat card! And Skipper is looking fit.


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