Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Clean and tidy craft room

In my tidy craft room today, I made this topper to go on my notebook. It was fun just having a play today with lots of different mediums. The topper started life as a white piece of card. It was inked and various stencils and glues and glitter and paints added to it. The stamps used are by Club Scrap which I have had for years and only just inked them.  Why is it that the more complicated your background the simpler it looks? 

My 17 year old baby girl  (Skipper) doing a bit of yoga this afternoon. Don't think I can do this. lol

Part of my tidy craft room. Even managed to get my desk cleared so I can actually use it again. First time in years I can actually see the floor and the desk!!! lol
 Have a great week.


  1. Eu sou do tipo que organizo e depois eu mesma bagunço tudo. Hihi
    O cartão ficou ótimo.
    Skipper está em Boa forma!

  2. Skipper certainly still flexible! X thanks for your visit the other day.....blogger still not interacting with apple devices seamlessly.....I miss you all! xoxo

  3. Love your notebook topper! And lovely to see Skipper. I can't be that flexible, either :-)

  4. total lee awesum yoga poze skipper N we can GUARANTEEZ de food servizz gurl canna
    due thiz !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  5. Beautiful notebook cover with lots of interest. Skipper looks fabulous doing her yoga moves :) I hope you both are doing well xx

  6. Your notebook topper is wonderful, clever, and does look oh, so neat! Skipper is sure agile for a geriatric feline.

  7. It was very beautiful this topper !!!!!!
    We really liked Skipper's picture !!!!Hehehe....
    Have a great weekend !!!!
    A meow of Sofia and Frida


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