Wednesday, 26 July 2017

New decorated bag

This is one of my latest projects. The bag was decorated using a screen print image in blue. Then I used a butterfly stencil with gold and blue Starlight textile paints.  Once the front and back were dried, it was ironed to set the ink. 
The screen and blue pearl ink was bought from Thermofax Screens. I love using my Screen Sensation but I wanted to try other designs and inks. This ink is a more fluid than the Screen Sensation inks but works fine. Not tried the ink on a Screen Sensation screen as yet. 

Have a great day.


da tabbies o trout towne said...

these are really cute bags Anesha; I like the lay out of the second one ! ♥♥

Pretinha said...

Adorei, ficou muito bonito.
Cafun├ęs para Skipper!

Tamago said...

That's a very pretty bag! Love those beautiful butterflies:-)

Sylvia said...

Beautiful designs,Anesha.Love the bags.


Faye said...

Anesha, the bag front and back are beautiful. I especially like the side that has the flowers.

Andrea, said...

Beautiful bag Anesha