Norway trip and card

We had a wonderful time in Norway. Unlike some on the ship we were very lucky to see the Northern Lights two nights in a row. The photos above were taken by the people who arranged the outing. It was down to minus 22 degrees Celsius but  we had clear skies  in Alta.  We also got to play with lots of Huskies in Tromso and Alta. Had a wonderful sled ride in Tromso with some of these dogs. Was a truly amazing experience.
The card below is on of the 10 made for charity raffle. 

The kitties had a nice time in the cattery but did not like the ride home. We had to clean up a lot of poop and sick when we got home. Not to worry they are both fine. 

Back to normal life tomorrow. 


Dotty Jo said…
Looks like you had a brilliant trip! Love your super cute card, Jo x
karin said…
You Lucky one to see the Northern Lights! It's amazing to see that. But not easy to make photos of it. Love it!
It sounds that you had a great trip.
Valerie-Jael said…
Looks like a wonderful trip! Valerie
Tamago said…
Wow sounds like you had a fantastic trip to Norway! Northern lights are so beautiful and amazing. And lovely doggies! Long time ago I visited Yellowknife and aurora was amazing there as well.
Love your sweet card. And I’m glad kitties are back home with you :-)
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Great pics! How fantastic to see the Northern Lights, it looked like you had a great time. And the cats were just determined to up the guilt factor, they're good at doing that!
Hugs Jan xx

no joke, Eric N Flynn's mum and dad were on a cruise just two weeks ago and saw the northern lights as well...check out Jackie's holiday blog

your holiday looks like it was a lot of FUN and VERY COLD !!! ☺☺♥♥