Bit of golf


Not a lot of crafting these past few weeks, but lots of golf. Today we (Cambridge Meridian Seniors) played the tri match against two other clubs and we won for a second year in a row! Well done team, sadly I did not play my best but still on the winning team. lol

The sky has this amazing trail  as we were on the first tee. Looked amazing in real life. Sadly we all got very wet on as we were on the back nine. Lovely English weather. lol


Valerie-Jael said…
It looks beautiful, bu sorry you got wet. It's raining and storming here just now, too. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie
conga rats to your team Anesha ! once golf is over for the season,
you can get back to cards and such. nice capture, that sky !

wavez two ewe archer, flower N patch, hope yur summerz been
grate and ya managed ta get inta lotz oh trubullz 💚🐟🍀‼️
brenda said…
Well done Team Meridian. It was lovely to meet up at the weekend and I could tell how much you are enjoying your golf at the moment.

B x
Congrats for your team winning! You are the only one lady, wow! :)
Hugs, here rained finally, but today is hot again!
Linby said…
Congrats on your team win.