Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Problem with Brother Scan'n'cut and Create and Craft

Here is a Christmas stocking I made recently, it's not great but it's festive.

 I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help me. I bought a Brother Scan'n'cut from Create and Craft which arrived last week. After three days it was not cutting properly, it was cutting an uneven border around image and the cutting through the mat on one side of the same project but then not cutting through the card on the other side of the same project. I contacted Melanie Heaton who demonstrates it on C&C who put me in touch with Brother uk.

 Long story short they wanted me to send the machine to them but since it was only three day old I decided to return it to C&C. Now this is where  I am having real problems. Create and Craft arranged for Hermes to collect it (took three days) and it's now a week later and they are saying they have not received it. The receipt I have from the person who took the machine, the numbers are coming up as invalid when I try to track it.  I have since seen a lot of really bad reviews about Create and Craft from people returning things  that are not working or getting refunds for items not delivered etc. Is there anyone who have had similar problems?  

Please be careful purchasing high value items from Create and Craft. 


Artyjen said...

Sorry to hear about the problems! Afraid I have no input to give, never having sent anything back to Create and Craft....mainly because I've never bought anything like that on there!!! LOL
I am of the opinion that demonstrations on TV are made to make the product look as good as possible to make you buy it...not necessarily followed up by the product actually being fit for purpose...or indeed that easy to use!!!
My Vagabond blew up (QVC purchase)....although to be fair I did get a replacement....unfortunately I fear it is only a matter of time before this one blows up too as it emitted the same funny burning smell the other week. It's still working at the minute but I'm not holding my breath on the subject! LOL
I wouldn't care but I don't use it for making workshop kits like Tim and Mario do.....I'd really like to know how many machines they have got through!!! ROFL
hope it gets sorted real soon Anesha
xoxo Sioux

brenda said...

No help with the Scan and Cut I'm afraid Anesha, but have had more than one issue with C&C and on both occasions had to be really pushy - which is a pain when they charge silly money for incoming calls.

Hubby bought me a new sewing machine for my Birthday, two weeks after their notice of dispatch it still hadn't arrived, that was Hermes as well but turned out C&C used an incorrect address. Had to really badger them to send another machine.

Two weeks ago ordered five tubs of marbling inks, ten balls of wool arrived. Rang them and they said I needed to send the wool back to "prove" they had sent the wrong item. I did get a tad stroppy but that got me through to a supervisor who apologised, said keep the wool and refunded me immediately. C&C were out of stock of the pain my then, but I got it £3 cheaper from the company direct.

Not the same problem I know, but do push them hard as they mess people about no end, good luck getting it sorted.

So rant over and say what a great Christmas stocking.

B x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Your stocking is beautiful, I would have no idea how to sew one. That is such a sad story about your new machine and it's gone missing in the return, I would be frustrated. Your get well card in the previous post is so cute, love the cat! The background is very pretty. Hello to Skipper as well, Shirleyxx

Milla said...

Your Christmas stocking is lovely! So sorry to hear your having problems with the company, hope you'll get them resolved soon.

debby4000 said...

Agree with Brenda, ring again and demand to speak to a supervisor and at the end of the day if you still have probs, ring your trading standards.
Fabulous stocking by the way.

aussie aNNie said...

Brilliant creation. Sorry can't help with your problem only have a silhouette cameo but hope it sorts out soon....xxxThe Journey is the Start

Netty said...

Cannot advise you on your problem as have never bought from any of the TV sites Anesha. I love Christmas stocking. Hope you get some success from the company. Annette x

Andrea, said...

Hi Anesha, sorry to hear you have had problems with Create and Craft,Have you tried to post on their Facebook page about the problem? I also believe there is a Freephone or local rate number for them but unfortunately I haven't got that. I hope they sort it our for you soon.

maria's knutselplezier said...

Wow I really love your Christmas stocking, it's so beautiful, sorry for your problem with your machine!!


Unknown said...

Hi, Anesha,

I found a local rate number for C&C on "Say No to 0870" and it came up with 01733 777418 but, no luck getting through to it, as it seems to have been discontinued. I am having problems in trying to return a Todo die cutting machine, but all mail is being returned to me as being "undeliverable." Sounds like they have such a lot of mail lined up that their server will not accept any more. Mind you, if an order was to be placed, I feel sure that would be delivered and dealt with immediately!